Binance underwent a Proot-of-Reserves and Proof-of-Liabilities review at 22 Nov 2022 23:59:59 UTC when a snapshot of their total reserves and liabilities were taken to determine the total collagenization ratio of their asset holdings.

This page allows users of Binance to independently verify that their assets were included in the total liabilities calculation through a Merkle-proof.

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Copy both node hashes into the text field below and calculate the node one level higher up to the root.

Merle Root Hash

A Merkle Tree data structure is used to consolidate all client account information into a single root hash, known as a Merkle Root. The Merkle Root was compiled by hashing all client accounts into a single output. The Merkle Root for Binance review PR22NOV22 is b47221413078d47b0d9beb40447786904dae1ed2ff35e365416b5de6cd1089ee.

Want to do the verification yourself? Have a look at the open source verification code and readme on Github